「Bing AI」の説明:S50C is a high-quality carbon steel with good wear resistance and high strength. It is widely used for manufacturing plastic molds, cold work dies, cutting tools, machine parts and other mechanical components. S50C has excellent machinability and can be heat treated to various hardness levels depending on the application. S50C is equivalent to AISI 1050 and JIS G4051 S50C.

DeepLで翻訳:S50Cは、良好な耐摩耗性と高い強度を持つ高品質の炭素鋼です。プラスチック金型、冷間加工用金型、切削工具、機械部品、その他の機械部品の製造に広く使用されています。S50Cは優れた被削性を持ち、用途に応じて様々な硬度に熱処理することが可能です。S50CはAISI 1050およびJIS G4051 S50Cと同等です。


「Bing AI」の説明:S50C is a high-quality carbon steel that is widely used for making plastic mold parts. It has good machinability and can be heat treated to achieve high hardness and wear resistance. In this blog post, I will introduce some of the properties and applications of S50C steel, as well as some tips on how to work with it.

S50C steel has a carbon content of 0.47-0.53%, which gives it a high strength and hardness. It also has a moderate ductility and toughness, which makes it suitable for bending and forming operations. S50C steel can be quenched and tempered to achieve different hardness levels, ranging from 179 to 285 HB (Brinell hardness). The higher the hardness, the better the wear resistance and abrasion resistance of the steel.

S50C steel is mainly used for making plastic mold parts, such as injection molds, compression molds, blow molds, etc. It can also be used for making mechanical parts that require high strength and wear resistance, such as gears, shafts, rollers, etc. S50C steel has good weldability and can be welded by various methods, such as arc welding, gas welding, resistance welding, etc. However, it is important to preheat and postheat the steel to avoid cracking and distortion.

S50C steel can be machined by conventional methods, such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, etc. However, due to its high hardness and strength, it requires special tools and cutting conditions to achieve a good surface finish and accuracy. Some of the tips for machining S50C steel are:

– Use high-speed steel (HSS) or cemented carbide (CC) tools with a positive rake angle and a large relief angle.
– Use a low cutting speed and a high feed rate to reduce the cutting force and heat generation.
– Use a large depth of cut and a small width of cut to reduce the contact area between the tool and the workpiece.
– Use a cutting fluid or coolant to lubricate and cool the cutting zone.
– Use a sharp tool and replace it frequently to avoid tool wear and chipping.

S50C steel is a versatile and high-performance material that can meet various requirements for plastic mold parts and mechanical parts. By understanding its properties and applications, as well as how to work with it, you can make the most of this steel and achieve optimal results.





– 正のすくい角と大きな逃げ角を持つ高速度鋼(HSS)または超硬合金(CC)工具を使用する。
– 切削速度が低く、送り速度が速い工具を使用し、切削抵抗と発熱を低減する。
– 工具と被削材の接触面積を小さくするため、切り込み量を大きく、切り込み幅を小さくする。
– 切削油剤やクーラントを使用して、切削部を潤滑・冷却する。
– 工具の摩耗やチッピングを防ぐため、切れ味の良い工具を使用し、頻繁に交換する。



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