「Bing AI」の説明:SUM24L is a free-cutting steel grade with excellent machinability and good mechanical properties. It is widely used for applications that require high precision and surface quality, such as shafts, gears, spindles, bolts and nuts. SUM24L has a low carbon content and a high manganese content, which enhances its hardenability and wear resistance. SUM24L also contains lead, sulfur and phosphorus, which act as chip breakers and lubricants during cutting. SUM24L can be heat treated to improve its strength and hardness, but it is not suitable for welding or forging. SUM24L is equivalent to AISI 12L14 and DIN 9SMnPb28K.

DeepL翻訳:SUM24Lは、優れた被削性と良好な機械的性質を有する快削鋼種です。シャフト、ギア、スピンドル、ボルト、ナットなど、高い精度と表面品質が要求される用途に広く使用されています。SUM24Lは、低炭素と高マンガン含有により、焼入れ性と耐摩耗性を高めています。また、SUM24Lは鉛、硫黄、リンを含んでおり、これらは切削時のチップブレーカーや潤滑剤として作用します。SUM24Lは熱処理して強度や硬度を向上させることができますが、溶接や鍛造には適しません。SUM24Lは、AISI 12L14およびDIN 9SMnPb28Kと同等です。

山洞金物店のコメント:快削鋼= a free-cutting steel grade with excellent machinability and good mechanical propertiesを知りました。

「Bing AI」の説明:SUM24L is a free-cutting steel grade that is widely used for machining applications. It has excellent machinability, high strength and good surface finish. In this blog post, we will discuss the properties, applications and advantages of SUM24L steel.

Properties of SUM24L steel

SUM24L steel is a low carbon steel with a nominal composition of 0.24% carbon, 1.35% manganese, 0.15% sulfur and 0.15% phosphorus. It belongs to the AISI 12L14 standard, which is equivalent to EN 1.0718, DIN 9SMnPb28 and JIS SUM22L.

The main feature of SUM24L steel is its high sulfur content, which forms manganese sulfide (MnS) inclusions in the steel matrix. These inclusions act as chip breakers and lubricants during machining, reducing friction and tool wear. They also improve the surface finish and dimensional accuracy of the machined parts.

SUM24L steel has a ferrite-pearlite microstructure with a hardness of about 140 HB. It has a tensile strength of about 540 MPa, a yield strength of about 415 MPa and an elongation of about 15%. It has good ductility, toughness and weldability.

Applications of SUM24L steel

SUM24L steel is mainly used for high-speed machining of parts that require good surface finish and dimensional accuracy. It is suitable for turning, milling, drilling, tapping and threading operations. It can also be cold drawn or cold rolled to improve its mechanical properties.

Some of the typical applications of SUM24L steel are:

– Shafts
– Gears
– Pins
– Bushings
– Nuts
– Bolts
– Screws
– Washers
– Spindles
– Couplings
– Valves
– Fittings
– Housings

Advantages of SUM24L steel

SUM24L steel offers several advantages over other free-cutting steels, such as:

– Higher machinability: SUM24L steel has a machinability rating of 170%, which is higher than most free-cutting steels. It can be machined at high speeds and feeds with low cutting forces and power consumption.
– Higher strength: SUM24L steel has a higher strength than other free-cutting steels with similar sulfur content, such as AISI 1215 and AISI 12L13. It can withstand higher loads and stresses without compromising its machinability.
– Higher corrosion resistance: SUM24L steel has a higher corrosion resistance than other free-cutting steels due to its low phosphorus content. It can resist atmospheric oxidation and mild chemical attacks.
– Higher weldability: SUM24L steel has a higher weldability than other free-cutting steels due to its low carbon content. It can be welded by various methods, such as arc welding, gas welding and resistance welding.


SUM24L steel is a free-cutting steel grade that offers excellent machinability, high strength and good surface finish. It is widely used for machining applications that require good dimensional accuracy and corrosion resistance. It is also easy to weld and form. SUM24L steel is a versatile and economical material that can meet various engineering needs.



SUM24L鋼は低炭素鋼で、公称組成は炭素0.24%、マンガン1.35%、硫黄0.15%、リン0.15%である。AISI 12L14規格に属し、EN 1.0718、DIN 9SMnPb28およびJIS SUM22Lに相当します。






– シャフト
– 歯車
– ピンズ
– ブッシング
– ナッツ
– ボルト
– ネジ
– ワッシャ
– スピンドゥル
– カップリング
– バルブ
– フィッティング
– ハウジング



– 高い切削加工性: SUM24L鋼の被削性は170%であり、他の快削鋼よりも高い。SUM24L鋼は、高速加工と送り加工が可能で、切削抵抗と消費電力は低く抑えられています。
– より高い強度 SUM24L鋼は、AISI 1215やAISI 12L13など、硫黄含有量が類似した他の快削鋼よりも高い強度を有しています。加工性を損なうことなく、より高い荷重や応力に耐えることができます。
– より高い耐腐食性: SUM24L鋼は、リンの含有量が少ないため、他の快削鋼よりも高い耐食性を有しています。大気中の酸化や軽度の化学的攻撃にも耐えることができます。
– 溶接性が高い: SUM24L鋼は、低炭素のため、他の快削鋼より溶接性が高いです。アーク溶接、ガス溶接、抵抗溶接など、さまざまな方法で溶接することができます。




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